Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Kenya Innovation Bridge helps in the discoverability of innovations in Kenya. The platform is a marketplace that enables innovators, inventors, researchers and startups to introduce their solutions to partners, funders, customers and users. The goal is to get as many innovations scale by attracting appropriate funding and partnerships.

Creating an Account / Logging In

Where do I Start?

If you're a guest to the platform;

1. Click on the Join the Network button on the landing page.

2. This will take you to a registration form where you can fill in all your details. Once you finish and click 'Sign Up' you'll be directed to your curated dashboard.

3. Check your email and verify your account. And you're set!

Tip: Make sure you sign up with your real email address. You'll be required to verify it.

Why can't I see other pages after registering?

This might be because your email has not been verified. If this is the case, when you try to access other pages (apart from the dashboard) you'll see the following instead;


These are creative, innovative, disruptive solutions to real-life problems within a societal context.
You can explore innovations on the Bridge by clicking the Innovations menu on the topbar.

Managing your innovation

How do I add my innovation?

Once on your dashboard;

1. Click the Create Innovation button on the top right

2. Fill in the details of your innovation and submit

3. You will receive and email notification if you successfully add your innovation

4. Wait for the Innovation Bridge admin to verify and approve your innovation

5. Once approved, you will receive another email notifying you of the same

Where do I find my innovation?

You can find all your innovations by going to Innovations > My Innovations menu